Social Media


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Providing you with quality community management services that gives you a huge portfolio of future content for tomorrow.

Think of the last time you went onto a major chain business' social media accounts to make a comment, complain, or post a review. What happened? Probably nothing. This is what could separate your business from their's. 

Social Media is such an important part of our everyday lives that a business needs someone dedicated to managing that, if you intend to grow. A huge mistake by most companies is that they believe that Social Media is today. 

At EDX, we think of Social Media more along the lines of Netflix. You create all of this content that a client will eventually stumble upon, and if it's good enough, they binge on your brand. They dive deep into this content, exploring your reviews and ratings, waiting for the next piece of content to be released.

That's exactly how we are going to treat your business' Social Media accounts. So that you can gain customers tomorrow.