3 Reasons Why You're Failing on Social Media

Have you thought much recently about your social media game? You're probably thinking you're some marketing guru that's currently crushing it on instagram and facebook. If you're thinking this, I've viewed your social accounts and they probably suck. Here's why:

1. You are using the exact same content in the same way across all of your social media accounts. This is such a common thing that amateur content creators do all of the time. If you want to crush your social media game in 2019, I want you to create separate content for all of your different platforms. That doesn't mean you have to create a different picture for each account. I want you to change up how that content is presented to your audience, based on your platform. If it's on instagram, its all about the photo. If it's on linkedIn, it's all about the business.

2. You just aren't creating enough content. You need to create some much content for your future clients that you seem like the expert. And you need to be transparent. I truly believe that creating a video as a real estate agent with a title "How Not to be a Dick to Your Real Estate Agent" will gain much more traction then your post about how you are at the office, when in all actuality is that you are at home working from your laptop.

You are not, and I will say this again for the people in the back, you are not creating content for today. Because today, no one cares. You create content for tomorrow. Eventually all of those people that are shutting you out on social accounts, will need you and will remember how you were crushing it and absolutely annoying you with content, and they will add you back and hit you up. If you think you are creating enough content, I promise you, you aren't.

3. You have no LinkedIn account. Right now LinkedIn is the most underrated social platform out there, and that means you 100% should go all in on it in 2019. If you don't have some form of LinkedIn strategy, you are missing out on a platform that is currently fighting gravity against becoming what all of the other social media platforms are. I don't know too many companies out there, that can win against gravity.

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