Stop with emails as your main source of information marketing.

When it comes to getting information to new sources, email is no longer the best way to give that information to your clients. It's no longer 1997 where each one of us reads every forward from grandma. In 2018 the average open rate for email marketing was 18.1%. If emailing is your marketing plan for 2019, you need to contact me immediately and please let me know so I can laugh.

I'm not saying that this isn't a good additional source of marketing, but please, update how you are marketing. In 2019, if you don't have a solid text message subscription service plan for potential clients, you are essentially telling your competition to jump ahead of the game.

There is so much opportunity out there for push notification services as opposed to email marketing that you are leaving so much opportunity on the table by not utilizing these services, and you will be the first to complain when your competition does it first. Don't be that guy.

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