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"Before I started collaborating with Eclipse DigitalX, I was convinced no one could help me stand out in a popular niche market. The initial advice the team gave me was so incredibly specific that I didn’t actually believe they were referring to me and my brand. But within the span of one day, Eclipse DigitalX took my vision global. I’ve never worked with a team this invested in my future, and I trust no one else when it comes to analyzing media trends, markets, and expanding my audience. They’ve managed to support my passions and sculpt them into a single brand that resonates with people."

-India Caedmon

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*Disclaimer: These results were that of our strategy with India, we do not guarantee results as successful as these.

India Caedmon

India Caedmon - Author of Romance, had hit a plateau, and had a challenge when it came to her brand. She had built her brand within and on top of another brand, her book review company. Through our strategy process, we took both brands and combined them into one and fed them into one another.

We reinvented her websites into each other so that her fans had access to both sites in one place. Once it was established that this was extremely successful, we pushed India into more media content. India started a podcast through her book review website and included her new book that she was releasing, in that podcast. Because of this, she created book sales and has gained a vast amount of interest from other authors to be guests on her podcast.

We also took over control of India's Social Media sites to increase her organic reach. We then ran ad campaigns for her book. Through our specific targeting, we had an 80% conversion rate from clicks to sales for India's book.*  We were able to gain enough traction from our ad to place India's book into a ranked book placement on Amazon, which then doubled her sales within 2 days.