Expert Strategists Who Deliver

Eclipse DigitalX is a veteran owned full-service marketing company. Based in the Saginaw, MI area, we work closely with companies that want to grow their brand and adapt the message that their brand has. We'll help you strategize a plan for success that integrates your brand and message into all channels with multiple correlating, creative, and cohesive messages to your audiences. Discover how we can transform the way you do business.

We don't care what stage you are at in business, or what stage you are at in building your brand. We can help!

Your Brand Is Important

How do you define your brand? Whats your message? Do you even know?

You aren't the only company that doesn't know. Branding is our speciality and we will work with you to grow it!


"Before I started collaborating with Eclipse DigitalX, I was convinced no one could help me stand out in a popular niche market. The initial advice the team gave me was so incredibly specific that I didn’t actually believe they were referring to me and my brand. But within the span of one day, Eclipse DigitalX took my vision global. I’ve never worked with a team this invested in my future, and I trust no one else when it comes to analyzing media trends, markets, and expanding my audience. They’ve managed to support my passions and sculpt them into a single brand that resonates with people."

India Caedmon


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